IFTTT automation using crontab on Debian / Raspberry Pi

November 30, 2019

We were planning an extended vacation and had concerns about leaving the house empty for so long. As usual you get family and friends to look in every so often but I decided that it would be nice to have some additional security to make the house look occupied. After a bit of research I decided on Internet Enable D-Link DCS-5030L Camera and a set of Meross Smart Plugs. The D-LINK camera was position in such a way that the door could be monitored while the Meross Smart Plugs were connected to various lights strategically placed around the home. ... Read more …

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Installing AVR Development Tools on Debian Linux

November 30, 2019

Setting up Debian Linux to develop software for the Atmel AVR microcontroller (i.e. Not Arduino) is quite straightforward and simply involves installed several packages as show below:- sudo apt install binutils sudo apt install gcc-avr sudo apt install avr-libc sudo apt install uisp sudo apt install avrdude Once this has been done a single source file containing an AVR program can be compiled for an AVR microcontroller as follows (update microcontroller to reflect the one you are using):- ... Read more …

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Logon to Linux System using SSH Private Key

November 30, 2019

You can use your public / private key pair to login to remote Linux systems without needing to remember the remote accounts password all the time. If you already have a SSH public / private key pair on the local computer then you can skip the next step. If however you have not got one then you will need to create a pair by entering the following command:- ssh-keygen Now that you have a public / private key pair it can be copied to your remote Linux system using ssh-copy-id. ... Read more …

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