Freelance Software Developer

Freelance Software Developer

I am based in Preston, Lancashire (UK) and have been developing software since 1986 both as a permanent employee and as a contract software developer working on various assignments. I have worked with many major companies including BAE Systems, Sony-Ericsson Software Application Laboratory, Computer Sciences Corporation, Ultra Electronics, Cable & Wireless Communication, I have held positions from Software Engineer through to Team Leader although if truth be known I’ve always preferred the hands on roles of making something!


B.Sc (1st) Computing with Electronics, Lancashire Polytechnic, 1991.

BTEC III in Mechanical and Production Engineering, W.R. Tuson College, Preston, 1985.

Professional Qualifications

Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP, MBCS).

Development Environments

  • JAVA Applications – Core JAVA applications using SWING, JAVACC, JDBC, XML, JUNIT etc.
  • QT / C++ Applications.
  • Embedded Software Development – ATMEL AVR, PIC Microcontrollers.
  • LINUX Systems.
  • VAX/VMS Systems.

Application Areas

  • Data Acquisition and Data Analysis Software. Data Extraction, Analysing, Elaborating and Visualising Data in a variety of formats from recordings containing MIL-1553, STANAG-3910, PCM, ARINC-429 and CANbus.
  • Custom Compiler and Interpreters. Scanning and Parsing Input, Generating  Intermediate Code, Direct execution of intermediate code or compilation to standalone applications or dynamically loadable components / modules.
  • Porting Software – porting existing applications to C, C++ or JAVA.