ProCalc for Android

July 22, 2020

ProCalc is a powerful programmable scientific calculator that incorporates a BASIC interpreter together with six programmable keys (P1-P6) allowing six programs to be loaded at any time.

ProCalc also comes with a built in spreadsheet that can be used in the traditional manor as well as being programatically accessible from the built in programming language.


  • BASIC Interpreter with 10 data types (Boolean, Byte, Complex, Double, Float, Integer, Long, Short, String and Variant) and wide range of functions including:- calculator memory access, reading and writing files, 51 maths functions, 11 string functions, 12 date and time functions, 29 graphics functions, 3 graph drawing functions, 3 touch screen functions and a couple of functions for generating messages and prompting for data input.
  • Works in Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal and Statistical modes.
  • Degrees, Radians, Gradians and Hyperbolic Trigonometry modes.
  • Fix, Sci, Eng, Fractional and Normal display formats for controlling the number of decimal points / significant figures etc.
  • Standard Trigonometric Functions including:- Sine, Cosine, Tangents, Secant, Cosecant, Cotangents and their inverse functions.
  • Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions including:- Sine, Cosine, Tangents, Secanant, Cosecant, Cotangents and their inverse functions.
  • Ten Memory including MS, M+, M-, MR.
  • Percentage function
  • Common Logarithm (Base 10), Binary Logarithm (Base 2) and Natural Logarithm (Base e)
  • X^2 and Square Root
  • X^n and X root n
  • Reciprocal (1/x)
  • Factorial using the gamma functions allows the factorial of non-integer numbers.
  • Built in constants including:- pi, e, g and c.
  • Binary operators include AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XNOR, RoL, RoR, AsL, AsR, LsR, RoLC, RoRC and BitX (Special function for extracting and combining arbitrary bits from a word: FEDC bitx F0F0 outputs 00FD).
  • Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal modes can be used with either 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit or 64bit word size.
  • Statistical Mode allows the calculation of Sum of values, sum of squares, mean (x-bar), population standard deviation, sample standard deviation and variance.

The programmable calculator comes with an extensive help system and several examples programs. The pre-written programs include:-

System Programs

  • System/Area - Calculate area of circles, cones, cubes, ellipses, rectangles, spheres, squares and triangles.
  • System/Convert:- Converts between various distances, areas, volumes, masses and speeds.
  • System/Volume - Calculate volume of boxes, cones, cubes, cylinders, pyramids and spheres.

Example Programs

  • Examples/Constants - Template Program for making a list of Constants.
  • Examples/Demo - Demo showing how graphics can be used within ProCalc
  • Examples/FileIO - FileWrite option writes current calculator value into a file. FileRead option reads a value from a file and sets it as the calculators value,
  • Examples/Graphs - Draws Cosine, Sine and Tangent Graphs.
  • Examples/Hello - The Hello World Program!

Android Downloads

Download ProCalc 2.1

MD5: d3e1071443b73a63fd16ab266e42611f
SHA-1: d15b19908a0e17c93524b7d6dffce0ef7d0e55bf
SHA-256: 9633a02fccb2e7931be0a4213141f21a394a2df62c410d3078ccb38363a5b9c3

Virus and Malware Scanning

Our software doesn’t come with any hidden nasties however we encourage you to check that the MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256 checksum match and to scan it for malware using Virus Total.