ESP32 driving HY-TFT320 display

January 10, 2020

I have been interfacing the ESP32 to a HY-TFT320. This module integrates a TFT display, SSD1289 display controller, XPT2046 (ADS7843) touch screen controller and SDCARD connector all connected through to a 2×20 pin socket. The SSD1289 TFT interface has a 16 bit parallel data interface and needs 22 connections in total (CD, WR, RS, CS, RSET, LEDA and DB0-DB15). In addition, the touch interface has 6 connections (DCLK, CS, DIN, BUSY, DOUT and PENIRQ). ... Read more …

Tags: esp32 hy-tft320_262k ssd1289 tft